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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help during the sale of my mother's house, as well as the post sale personal concern you exhibited. Since I was not able to personally assist my mother during the sale of her home and the subsequent closing and moving, it was reassuring to know that you were there to assist my mother. If at any time you need a reference for the personalized customer service you provide, please feel free to use my name. My mother also expressed how satisfied she was with the service you provided. She particularly appreciated your post sale personalized follow up."

Yours Truly,
Bob Petrushewsky
Bolton, Ontario

"Hamdee sold our house, at a time when real estate was a buyers market. She also did an excellent job finding us a terrific buy on another home in a community we had been looking to purchase in for nearly a year. Neither of these transactions were easy sales, and we found Hamdee to be pleasant to work with, knowledgeable, professional, and always accessible. She was a refreshing exception to many of the Realtors we had previously encountered.

We first met Hamdee by inquiring about a home she had listed. Although we didn't care for that particular house, we were impressed with Hamdee's attitude, honesty, and her willingness to help us find what we were looking for (as opposed to trying to sell us something that was currently available).

After having Hamdee show us a few homes, we decided to ask her to list our house (we had taken it off the market some months before after it had been listed with another agent for nearly a year). Several Realtors had pursued our listing, but until then we had not met one with whom we felt comfortable.

Our search for a new home was not a short one -- we looked at what seemed like an endless number of houses over a period of 11 months. Through it all Hamdee provided exceptional service, offering regular updates on new listings, and always returning calls within minutes. To her credit, she kept her sense of humour and showed amazing patience with our resolve to find the right home in the right neighbourhood, for the right price. Finally, Hamdee did find our dream home for us -- and we are delighted with our purchase.

If we had to choose one word to describe Hamdee, it would be integrity. She is an excellent real estate agent, and a fine person -- and we enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

David Hennig and Denise Sawchyn

Let us put it this way, Hamdee Fythe is the most forthright and honest realtor you can ever encounter.

We wanted to purchase a condo in a particular building and Hamdee was the contact agent for one of them. There were several units listed and Hamdee ended up showing most of them to us, and eventually placed two offers on our behalf. The first offer placed on a different unit was unsuccessful but the second (and for the more attractive unit) was, and we credit Hamdee’s persistence for our eventual purchase.

What we most appreciated about Hamdee is her conscientious and straightforward approach -- and her respect for her clients. We also noticed the great care she took during the viewings ensuring that lights were switched off and doors closed (since we had our own experiences with careless realtors). She shared information regarding comparative prices in the area with us which enabled us to do the necessary research on our parts. When we made the offer, we knew we needed an agent with gumption, and thank heavens, Hamdee was there to expedite the negotiations. We dearly wanted a place with a spiral staircase and got it. We valued Hamdee’s advice, and most of all her guidance since it was our first condominium.

Of course, no purchase is ever trouble-free and once again, Hamdee was there for us, post-purchase, following up with our requests and engaging (quite stressfully) with a vendor who is situated out of Edmonton. She follows up her clients through e-mails, telephone calls and Christmas wishes which we must admit surprised and touched us. We appreciate her thoughtfulness. We would not hesitate to recommend Hamdee Fythe, and will easily retain her services again – buying or selling.

Derek Sayer and Yoke-Sum Wong
Edmonton, AB